2017 CODAawards Juror Feedback

The esteemed panel of jurors commented on how each winning project most successfully integrated commissioned art into interior, architectural, or public spaces.

"Very fun and beautifully executed. It truly does look like an engaging place for children. I love the examining table and its background. Now that's integrating the art and the function!"
-Ken Wampler
CIBC Just for Kids Clinic submitted by Diamond Schmitt Architects

"Complementary to the volume of the space. It takes an uninspired lobby and gives it relevance and focus."
-David Wagner
Radiance submitted by City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs

"This work represents the next frontier of data visualization with the interdisciplinary balance between design, art, technology, and science."
-Antonio Pio Saracino
AVA_V2 / Particle Physics_Scientific_Installation submitted by Ouchhh Studio

"The art and the design come together to create a poetic space to move through. Strong integration."
-Sara Kellner
Redbud Redux Suite submitted by Stephen Galloway

"Powerful, striking, successful integration into the overall design."
-Carl D'Aquino
GUANGZHOU JINYI CINEMAS submitted by One Plus Partnership Limited

"Very well integrated into the environment; a dynamic experience for the viewer that 'animates' the space."
-Pierre Fortin
Spannungsfeld submitted by Julian Voss-Andeae

"Pittsburgh has a great airport, built before the great airport boom. It is a human scaled space and stands the test of time. The art is well integrated, and the artist used vestiges of the Pittsburgh visual scrapbook. A very well integrated install."
-David Wagner
Pittsburgh International Airport submitted by Creative Edge

"Beautifully executed and thought out; the process and collaborations are very well detailed."
-Ken Wampler
Havre submitted by Linda Covit

"Wonderful graphic quality of art integrated with architecture. Great atmospheric solution reflecting the design intent."
-Carl D'Aquino
Hilton Jinan South submitted by Wilson Associates

"Lovely integration of art and architecture; an excellent branded image."
-Carl D'Aquino
The Austin submitted by Madacsi Studios

"An extraordinary collaboration of art, technology, and architecture. Brilliant work."
-Carl D'Aquino
Dancing Pavilion submitted by Guto Requena

"A great way to treat a roundabout. Because of its location, it is not a place where you can sit and contemplate the art. Nonetheless, it's very compelling."
-David Wagner
Riverside Roundabout: Faces of Elysian submitted by Freyja Bardell

"I have seen this. It's very dynamic and inviting, especially for children. It ties the plaza together nicely and works as interactive public art."
-David Wagner
Luminothérapie - Loop submitted by Quartier des Spectacles

"These beautiful graphics take the architecture into full and intentional account. Extremely well done."
-Ilene Shaw
Façade Festival submitted by Go2 Productions

"Wonderful interactivity."
-Mike Mazza
Sidewalk Harp submitted by Jen Lewin Studio

"Love it. A real stand out in an overly digital world. High marks for inventiveness and interactivity."
-Mike Mazza
CLOUD HOUSE submitted by Matthew Mazzotta

"What a cacophony of visual and acoustical delight, graphically and artistically expressive. Kudos to the designers, artists, and architects."
-David Wagner
The Wehrhahn Line Project submitted by netzwerkarchitekten GmbH

"A challenging concept executed in a thoughtful and beautiful way for all to enjoy."
-Michael Royce
Nova Lumina submitted by Les Studios Moment Factory Inc.

"I love this project. Imagine using common flagging tape to create a three-dimensional, kinetic, and illuminated sculpture."
-David Wagner
A million things that make your head spin submitted by Megan Geckler Studio, Inc.

"The Kiss is conceptually very strong, abstract, simple and yet meaningful, poetic, and political."
-Gisue Hariri
The Kiss submitted by Gill Gatfield

"Beautifully executed and beautifully conceived."
-Ken Wampler
Murmuration submitted by Anne Patterson

"As an educational tool, compelling; as an art installation, powerful; as a relic, forceful."
-David Wagner
Rain: Magdalena Fernández at the Houston Cistern submitted by Buffalo Bayou Partnership

"The project captures the attention, honors the place, and gives way to the work it receives."
-Ken Wampler

"Mesmerizing, poetic, perfection."
-Ilene Shaw
Diffusion Choir submitted by Sosolimited

"Wonderful integration of art and architecture establishing a powerful modern memorable attitude."
-Carl D'Aquino
Minto 30Roe - Articulated Lobby Screen submitted by II BY IV DESIGN

"Handsome project, solid ideas. Original idea from the architect. High integration."
-Sara Kellner
Building for Transformative Medicine submitted by NBBJ

"Nice fit with the site. Dynamic rhythm and impressive technical rendering."
-Pierre Fortin
(any) Body Oddly Propped submitted by Franz Mayer of Munich

"Beautiful environment. All that is missing is the smell of the forest."
-Ilene Shaw
Flightpaths submitted by ILC

"Impressive effect. Dynamic and effective in the night version."
-Pierre Fortin
Illuminated Arboreal Data Codes submitted by Koryn Rolstad

"Spectacular. Impressive storytelling."
-Pierre Fortin
Roots of Knowledge submitted by Holdman Studios

"The dialogue between the two elements creates a dynamic space."
-Pierre Fortin
Open Door submitted by Shan Shan Sheng

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